Create a virtual environment

spike2py works with Python 3.9 or above. It is recommended you create a dedicated Python environment before you install spike2py. In your project directory, run the following commands:

python -m venv env

Then activate your new virtual environment.

On macOS and Linux:

source env/bin/activate

On Windows:


Install spike2py and its dependencies

With your virtual environment activated, run the following command:

pip install spike2py

Testing your spike2py installation

With your virtual environment activated, start Python and type the following:

>>> import spike2py
>>> spike2py.demo.test_install()

Figure 1: sample.Flow.plot()
Figure 2: sample.Flow.lowpass(cutoff=4, order=8).plot()
Figure 3: sample.Volume.plot()
Figure 4: sample.Volume.remove_mean().linear_detrend().plot()
Figure 5: sample.plot()

You should see a series of five figures.